View of the town hall square at the Tell monument in Altdorf, Canton Uri

The town hall square in Altdorf with the Tell monument: OrSuisse AG is based here.

About OrSuisse

OrSuisse AG was founded in Altdorf in 2012 and has many years’ experience in the high-security storage of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our unique business idea was conceived to compensate for the inherent lack of fungibility and liquidity offered by traditional storage methods. This is our storage concept outside and completely independent of the banking system.

An OrSuisse warehouse receipt allows precious metals to be transported, and enables owners to endorse transfers and use their holdings as collateral assets. Negotiable warehouse receipts can be treated just like many other securities, which means precious metals can be sold without any need to physically relocate the goods.

Authorisation permits from the cantons of Uri and Zurich entitle OrSuisse to issue securities on deposited precious metals in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Your precious metals also remain in the OrSuisse vaults when a warehouse receipt is transferred (by endorsement) and thus will stay safely stored in Switzerland. So, for the very first time, our business model offers clients from all over the world a secure means of storing assets which can be flexibly traded, while at the same time those holdings retain maximum liquidity.