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View of the town hall square at the Tell monument in Altdorf, Canton Uri
The town hall square in Altdorf with the Tell monument: OrSuisse AG is based here.

About OrSuisse

OrSuisse AG was founded in Altdorf in 2012 and has many years’ experience in the high-security storage of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our unique business idea was conceived to compensate for the inherent lack of fungibility and liquidity offered by traditional storage methods. This is our storage concept outside and completely independent of the banking system.

An OrSuisse warehouse receipt allows precious metals to be transported, and enables owners to endorse transfers and use their holdings as collateral assets. Negotiable warehouse receipts can be treated just like many other securities, which means precious metals can be sold without any need to physically relocate the goods.

Authorisation permits from the cantons of Uri and Zurich entitle OrSuisse to issue securities on deposited precious metals in accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Your precious metals also remain in the OrSuisse vaults when a warehouse receipt is transferred (by endorsement) and thus will stay safely stored in Switzerland. So, for the very first time, our business model offers clients from all over the world a secure means of storing assets which can be flexibly traded, while at the same time those holdings retain maximum liquidity.

Board of directors

Picture of three members of the OrSuisse Board of Directors
From left to right: Ludwig Karl, CEO | Hans Maurer, President | Johannes Müller

The Board of Directors of OrSuisse AG consists of a knowledgeable team with decades of experience in the precious metals sector and connections to a rich and wide-ranging network of experts.

Stored with us, your precious metals will remain safe and secure. We guarantee your inventory will be returned in full at any time upon presentation of your warehouse receipt.

– Hans Maurer, President OrSuisse AG

Storage with us

Switzerland has a long tradition of protecting private property and guaranteeing privacy. It is therefore an ideal storage location for your precious metals.

OrSuisse stores your valuables in state-of-the-art, high-security warehouses which are totally independent of the banking system. All the vault systems we use have been carefully selected and meet the highest possible security standards.

Stylised image of a warehouse and the outline of Switzerland.
A vault, a shield and gold bars symbolise controlled and insured storage

Our vaults – insurance and inventory control

While stored in our vaults, your valuables are fully insured. OrSuisse warehouse stocks are subject to twice-yearly checks to monitor and confirm that the quantities of precious metals stored precisely correspond to the warehouse receipts which have been issued. These regular audits are carried out by the renowned Swiss auditing company BDO.

In addition, the internal control system (ICS) operated by OrSuisse is certified according to the International Standard for Assurance Engagements (ISAE) No. 3402. This demonstrates that security controls and company compliance are our highest priority, and guarantees optimal protection of your valuables.

Simple administration

You can easily store, retrieve and relocate your precious metals with us, and you will receive a transferable warehouse receipt. With OrSuisse, there is no need to set up a registered account or arrange online access. This guarantees you maximum discretion and data privacy.

Simple administration