Photo of a negotiable warehouse receipt

The OrSuisse negotiable warehouse receipt

At OrSuisse you will receive warehouse receipts for all your deposited precious metals. In accordance with the Swiss Code of Obligations, these documents are treated as securities, which means the owner of a warehouse receipt is entitled to claim ownership and take possession of the deposited item. Furthermore, these negotiable warehouse receipts enable full transferability of deposited goods via a simple endorsement.

OrSuisse warehouse receipts thus guarantee your precious metal holdings can become fungible and liquid. Such negotiable warehouse receipts can then be used in a variety of ways as a security – for example as collateral to guarantee loans. You can also choose to sell your warehouse receipts direct to authorised dealers at current precious metal prices.

Your precious metals, complete with full-risk insurance cover, are stored outside of the banking system in the safest vaults available in Switzerland. In principle, warehouse receipts can be issued for all kinds of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and in any denominations. Silver and other white precious metals can be stored VAT-free in a bonded warehouse, and also sold and transferred upon request.

Up to 10 items of the same metal and denomination can be stored per warehouse receipt.

For example, if you wish to deposit 15 x 1oz Krugerrand gold coins with OrSuisse, you will then receive two warehouse receipts:

  1. Warehouse receipt: 10 x 1oz Krugerrand gold coins
  2. Warehouse receipt: 5 x 1oz Krugerrand gold coins
Three Krugerrand coins on top of each other

Useful to know

  • Because negotiable warehouse receipts are securities, your precious metals cannot be retrieved without them.
  • There is only ever one single copy of each warehouse receipt.
  • Your OrSuisse receipt guarantees that your physical bars or coins are deposited with us.
  • Upon retrieval of stored precious metals in exchange for the appropriate warehouse receipt, OrSuisse immediately removes that corresponding receipt document from circulation.