Image of several vaults with gold bars stacked inside one open vault

Secure and discreet storage of your precious metals

OrSuisse can offer you ultra-secure storage of your precious metal holdings in Switzerland or Singapore. Modern high-security facilities are available outside of the banking system for the discreet and fully insured storage of your valuables. And thanks to our allocated & segregated storage arrangements, the goods originally delivered to us will always remain in your ownership. According to the items you choose to store, you will receive appropriate warehouse receipts which remain fungible and liquid. In addition, our bonded warehouses are ideal for VAT-free storage of silver, platinum or palladium holdings.

OrSuisse is fully certified in compliance with the international standard ISAE 3402 (International Standard on Assurance Engagements) and the company’s inventories and internal controls are subject to regular audits by BDO AG, a leading Swiss provider of auditing services.
In the event of any power loss/power shortage, our high-security vaults are equipped with their own independent emergency power supply.

If you do not have any precious metals at present, you can purchase them from an authorised dealer and have them delivered directly to your chosen vault.

Image of a negotiable warehouse receipt

Negotiable warehouse receipts as securities

You can have your precious metals segregated under individual storage with registered bar or seal numbers. OrSuisse will then issue the appropriate and fully transferable warehouse receipts which will also specify the exact values which have been stored – these documents are known as negotiable warehouse receipts. Under the Swiss Code of Obligations, these storage documents have the status of securities. Thus, they can be transferred or sold by means of an endorsement, and transactions do not require any movement of goods.