About us

Our business idea emerged from the lack of fungibility and liquidity of hoarded precious metals. There is virtually no circulation.

Our business case offers a way of storing which makes vaulted gold and silver simply and securely fungible and liquid for the first time.

The founders of OrSuisse have thus developed a storage concept indepedent of the banking system. Gold and silver can now easily be transported, endorsed and used as collateral by the owner with the OrSuisse negotiable warehouse receipt.

With the authorisations of the Swiss cantons of Uri and Zurich, OrSuisse is entitled to issue securities on deposited precious metals. When transferred (endorsement) to a new owner, these remain in the vaults of OrSuisse, safely stored in Switzerland.

Board of directors
The board of directors of OrSuisse consists of an experienced team which has a wide-ranging network and long experience in the precious metal sector.

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f.l. Hans Maurer, Ludwig Karl, Johannes Müller