How does it work?

OrSuisse AG
OrSuisse AG is a Swiss storage company with its main office in Altdorf in the canton of Uri (Gotthard area).
The precious metals are stored in high security vaults in Switzerland, entirely independent of the banking system. The internal controlling system (ICS) is certified according to the international standard ISAE 3402.

The OrSuisse negotiable warehouse receipt
The Swiss cantons of Uri and Zurich officially authorised OrSuisse to issue documents of title according to the Swiss Code of Obligations. These documents of title are securities and are issued by OrSuisse as negotiable warehouse receipts. They are freely transferable by simple endorsement. They are traded like precious metals and are not regarded as marketable securities.

The renowned audit firm BDO AG audits the accordance of the issued warehouse receipts with the goods in stock twice a year. 

Deposit or retrieve precious metals
You can either deposit precious metals (gold, silver, platinum and palladium) which you already own, or purchase them for deposit from one of the authorised dealers.
The storage fees will be prepaid for the chosen storage duration. Upon retrieval, OrSuisse reimburses you the storage fee for any years that have not yet begun. In the event of an exchange, all prepaid storage fees will be credited to you.

Or Suisse guarantees the retreival of all stored goods immediately and at all times upon presentation of the warehouse receipt.

A retrieval is possible at all times because bars and coins of the lot sizes, to which the warehouse receipts are issued are always kept in stock. In collective safe custody (allocated storage) you are entitled to exactly the unit which you have deposited. The deposited precious metals remain always your property and does not become property of OrSuisse at any moment.
You can also register the stored bars and coins (segregated storage). At retrieval you will then receive exactly the precious metals which you originally stored.

Instead of a retrieval you can also sell your warehouse receipt directly to the authorised dealers at current market prices.

Thus you will gain maximum fungibility and liquidity of your precious metals and keep the unrestricted security of property of the physical metal.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Storage of gold, silver, platinum and palladium
  • Direct property of the deposited good
  • Possibility of retrieval of the lot size mentioned at all times
  • Segregated storage also possible
  • Storage outside of the banking system
  • Guaranteed authenticity of all deposited precious metals
  • Fungibility and liquidity of the precious metals
  • Acceptability of the warehouse receipts as collateral
  • Easy transferability through simple endorsement
  • Maximum discretion with regard to the client's data
  • Free-of-VAT endorsement of silver in the bonded warehouse

Negotiable Warehouse Receipt

OrSuisse Receipt