Fees / Storage locations

Our fee structure is clear and simple. All costs of depositing, retrieving or the exchange of precious metals are displayed in full transparency in the respective order forms.

Here you will find the price list as PDF document:
Price list OrSuisse – Englisch / German / French / Spanish

Storage locations

 Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
Silver, Platinum, Palladium
Loomis Schweiz, Zurich-Kloten Haken Haken
Loomis Int., Hong Kong Haken Haken
Cosmotrans AG, Zurich-Embrach - Haken
Swiss Gold Safe AG, Zurich-Lufingen Haken -

Storage fees

 Gold, Platinum, PalladiumSilver
Allocation (Collective Safe Custody) 0.6% p.a. 0.8% p.a.
Segregation (with bar nr. on warehouse receipts) 0.7% p.a. 0.9% p.a.

The storage fees will be prepaid for the chosen storage duration. Upon retrieval, OrSuisse reimburses you the storage fee for any years that have not yet begun. In the event of an exchange, all prepaid storage fees will be credited to you.

Administrative fees

FeeBase priceHandling
Storage / Retrieval CHF 85.00 CHF 1.50 per coin
CHF 4.00 per bar
CHF 38.00 per Monster Box
Re-newal / Exchange -
Re-location on request

Issuance-/calling-in-fee: CHF 8 per warehouse receipt
Authent./Weighing* :      CHF 3.00 per coin; CHF 8.00 per bar
Take-over at Embraport: CHF 180.00
Import customs clear.**:  CHF 250.00

*appl. only if precious metals not directly from refiner
** appl. only when removal from bonded warehouse

Insured worldwide shipping via FedEx courier or express is included in the base price.

Late charges

Late charge as of 90 days after expirycharge p.a.
Gold und Silver (domestic and bonded warehouse) 25 basis points (=0,25 percentage points)


All fees excl. VAT! The VAT treatment is explained in detail in the FAQ.

Please note: In case of loss of a warehouse receipt, invalidation fees will be due. You can find the details here.
For the retrieval of silver from the bonded warehouse, additional fees will be due (customs and VAT).
OrSuisse calculates fees in CHF. You can also pay fees in EUR (converted at the current exchange rate).