How does the transfer of a warehouse receipt work?

Negotiable warehouse receipts can be transferred to their new owner by endorsement (addressee and signature). There are no further formal requirements.
OrSuisse recommends to record the transfer in written (receipt, sale contract).

  1. The first owner is noted on the front page of the warehouse receipt.
  2. He signs the warehouse receipt on its reverse side.
  3. A transfer of the warehouse receipt will be noted in the endorsement field.


1. First owner


2. Signature first owner


3. Endorsement



Checklist for the transfer:


  • Has the owner signed? (Reverse side, upper left)
  • Have the filled-in endorsement fields been signed (full sequence of endorsements)?
  • Has the seller signed as endorser (new endorsement field)?


  • Have you signed the transfer as endorser (new endorsement field)?


Use the storage calculator for your sale and purchase (balance storage fee).

Endorsement reportings:

The report of an endorsement is not mandatory. However OrSuisse suggests to report an endorsement.

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