Extending or exchanging a warehouse receipt or relocating precious metals

At OrSuisse, you can extend or exchange a warehouse receipt or chose a new storage for your precious metals at all times. This can be done by postal mail or in person at our offices.
After the extension or exchange, you will receive your new warehouse receipts from OrSuisse.

An exchange can for example become necessary when all endorsement fields on it have already been used or when the owner wishes to store the precious metals at another warehouse (relocation).
An extension is necessary when the prepaid duration of storage has expired.

After an exchange, the remaining storage fees will be entirely credited to the client pro rata temporis, and the new storage fees calculated accordingly.

Negotiable warehouse receipts:

To request an exchange or extension please fill out the subsequent form. In this you will find all information.

To request a re-location please fill out the subsequent form. In this you will find all information.

Storage locations and fees

 Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium
Silver, Platinum, Palladium
Loomis Schweiz, Zurich-Kloten Haken Haken
Loomis Int., Hong Kong Haken Haken
Cosmotrans AG, Zurich-Embrach - Haken
Swiss Gold Safe AG, Zurich-Lufingen Haken -
 Gold, Platinum, PalladiumSilver
Allocation (Collective Safe Custody) 0.6% p.a. 0.8% p.a.
Segregation (with bar nr. on warehouse receipts) 0.7% p.a. 0.9% p.a.

The extension or exchange of warehouse receipts or the relocation of precious metals – step by step

  • You can always re-locate your precious metals.
  • You can always exchange/extend your negotiable warehouse receipts.
  • At a re-location OrSuisse will always request an offer from a value shipping company beforehand. Only after you have authorised the re-location and know about the costs OrSuisse will re-locate the precious metals accordingly. All shipment is fully insured. You do not carry any risk during the transport.

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