Negotiable warehouse receipts

For your deposited items, you will receive a warehouse receipt from OrSuisse.
According to the Swiss Code of Obligations (Schweizerisches Obligationenrecht) this warehouse receipt is regarded as security and entitles its owner to claim possession of the deposited item.

Since it takes the form of a negotiable warehouse receipt, it is transferable to another natural or legal person by simple endorsement.

Your precious metals thus become fungible and liquid. The negotiable warehouse receipts can be deposited as collateral for loans.

The storage occurs in the safest vaults of Switzerland, outside of the banking system, and is protected by an insurance covering all potential risks.

Upon request of the client, silver bars can also be stored free of VAT at the bonded warehouse and can be sold and transferred without VAT.

Here you can again see all advantages of a deposit with OrSuisse.

Negotiabe warehouse receipts generally can be issued upon all precious metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) and all denominations.

Up to 10 products of the same metal and denomination can be stored per warehouse receipt.
Hence should you deposit 15 x 1oz Krugerrand Gold coins you will receive two warehouse receipts:
Warehouse receipt #1: 10 x 1 oz Krugerrand Gold
Warehouse receipt #2: 5 x 1 oz Krugerrand Gold


Because the OrSuisse warehouse receipts are securities, retrievals of the stored precious metals cannot be made without presentation of the warehouse receipts.
Each warehouse receipt exists only in one copy. When receiving an OrSuisse warehouse receipt, you can be sure that your bars/your coins are deposited with OrSuisse.
Upon retrieval of the stored precious metals, OrSuisse withdraws the corresponding warehouse receipt from circulation and destroys it.