At OrSuisse, the retrieval of stored precious metals is possible at all times. For this procedure, the Swiss Law of Obligations (Schweizerische Obligationenrecht) demands that the respective security is presented.

If a warehouse receipt has been lost, it has to be invalidated. This is decided by a Swiss court of law. After the conclusion of this procedure, a new warehouse receipt will be issued by OrSuisse.

Your ownership of the deposited precious metals remains uncompromised, even during the invalidation.
In order to enable OrSuisse to guarantee this, please report the loss of a warehouse receipt immediately (see report of loss).

You will find further information here (only in German):ärung

If an invalidation becomes necessary, OrSuisse will gladly assist you – do not hesitate to contact OrSuisse.

In addition to possible legal fees, the following fees will be charged per warehouse receipt in the event of an invalidation by OrSuisse:

Fee Invalidation Reissue
Amount CHF 250.00 CHF 8.00

All fees excl. VAT. The VAT treatment is described in detail in the FAQ.

Fees are calculated in CHF. They can also be paid in EUR (converted at current prices).

Please note our below list of warehouse receipts that have been declared invalid:

Warehouse receipts that have been declared invalid:

Serial number Status Date of change
A0002596 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002597 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002598 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002599 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002600 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002601 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002602 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002603 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002604 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002605 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002606 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002607 invalidated 11.05.2021
A0002608 invalidated 11.05.2021

Warehouse receipts currently in the process of being declared invalid:

Serial number Status Date of change